Activities at Bergisches Land

After the foliage loses its rich summer green, the Bergisches Land is particularly beautiful in its varied autumn colours.

A bird’s eye view would show a wonderful patchwork of extensive deciduous and pine woods, meadows, fields, reservoirs, small ponds and lakes.

With their traditional centuries-old black, white and green half-timbered houses, the villages lie immersed in the countryside. You would see castles and stately homes - Haus Vorst in Leichlingen, Schloss Burg.

Towards the Rhein there would be Schloss Hackhausen in Solingen, Friedenberger Hof in Opladen and Schloss Morsbroich in Leverkusen.


If you walk through the Bergisches Land on foot you can discover many attractions from the on the way.

For example the Wipperkotten grindery on a peninsula in the river Wupper between Leichlingen and Solingen. There used to be hundreds of similar grinderies in the area. Initially they were workshops where smiths worked metal using water power and were later used by weavers. Wipperkotten with its restored old mill wheel now fascinates many visitors and the owner occasionally lets the old mill wheel turn, driven by the water of the Wupper.

If you get thirsty from your walks through the Bergisches Land, you can stop for refreshment at one of the many welcoming inns. A beer or glass of wine tastes particularly good in a lovely beer garden shaded by old trees.    

bikecycling at Bergisches Land

Panorama-Radweg Balkantrasse

The Bergische country offers green middle mountainous region, racing cyclists, Mountainbikern, leisure cyclists and families change rich tours in the midst of the terrific ones. Whether circuit or long distance. Idyllic valleys, books, meadows and woods with earthy half-timbering or slate houses make tours by the wheel a thrilling experience. Furthermore the nearby panorama cycle track Balkantrasse offers the ideals way to cycle up to the Oberbergische country from Leverkusen - and this all with an only low grade. More information about the Panorama Radweg finds her on the side of the friends and sponsor the Balkantrasse